Do You Have a New Product Idea?

OMAT Soldering MatWe are always interested in developing and selling new products. To assist us with the assessment of an idea or product design you may have, we have laid out below a standard format for you to use when describing it.

We welcome any suggestions on how to improve, add other products to stock/supply and how we can better serve the needs of the plumbing and drainage industry.

We have successfully teamed up with inventors to develop new products and improvements to products.

As a manufacturer we appreciate the need for confidentiality whilst new products are developed or under development. If you would like a confidentiality agreement to be drawn up before we go any further, you should arrange this and mail it to us for signing.

Please use the following format as a guide to describe your idea:

Background To Idea

Describe the problem experienced by the customer. e.g. Plumbers need a product to ...

Detailed Information:

  • Technical expertise to develop new products Identification of market gap. Who and how many people will buy the product?

  • Product data and specifications. This should include: detailed technical drawings and / or line drawings of the product in use; working sample(s) - if possible a total of 5 samples; full instructions on how the product works; estimates of the cost of manufacture and suggested retail price.

  • Legislation: Are any of the following applicable? Patents, trade marks, registered designs and copyright.

  • Reports, proceedings and reference books. Have any been used? If so, which ones?

  • Products manufacturered at our factory in WallingtonManufacturers of competitive and analogous products. Names of manufacturers and products. These should include specifications and retail prices of products.

  • Official and representative bodies. These should be approached to provide official opinions and reaction to products already in use. e.g. BSI, trade associations, government bodies, pressure groups and consumer associations.

  • Official opinions and reaction to products in use.

Once we have considered your proposals, we will contact you to discuss how we may proceed further. With the background and supporting detailed information in hand, we will all save time when we discuss your idea further.

Please complete the enquiry form.

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