plumbing and heating merchant suppliesBecome a Monument Stockist in the United Kingdom

At Monument Tools we support and operate a successful international network of stockists both in the UK and abroad, inlcuding many plumbers merchants, builders merchants and tool retailers.

We are able to offer merchants and retailer stockists an excellent retail distribution opportunity in the plumbing, heating and drain clearance tools and equipment market.

Monument Tools' stockists are the frontline of our sales channel and we aim to support them in every way we can, both directly and in partnership with our major regional distributors.

There are many reasons why you should become a Monument stockist:


Leading Brand, Fast-Moving Items

Monument Tools is today a leading brand, known and asked for by plumbing, heating and building professionals, small tradesmen and diy enthusiasts. The distinctive yellow and black Monument colours represent a brand that has set high standards in terms of innovation and durability.

wholesale plumbing and heating productsThe Monument Tools range of products includes tools and equipment for engineers, builders, glaziers and decorators covering plumbing and heating installation tools; wrenches; tap reseaters, spanners and keys; roofing and sheet metal tools; equipment for gas testing, pipe and drain installation and testing and drain cleaning equipment.

With a regular supply of new products and a continuous demand for the popular, fast moving lines such as pipe cutters, wrenches and drain rods, our stockists report that they experience regular footfall and a low number of product returns.

Rapdily growing in popularity presently is the new Monument Autocut® Copper Pipe Cutter for 15mm, 22mm and 28 mm copper tube pictured here.


Seamless inventory Management, Ease of Use

Our merchants and stockists have a choice of distribution channel. They are able to either deal direct with Monument Tools or work with our major distributors in their regional areas. In order to ensure continuity in the inventory management, we have EAN Retail Bar Coding on all products. The result is short delivery times, rapid restocking and a reduction in the number of purchase orders you would need to ordinarily raise.

distributing plumbing tools to builders merchantsThere is no mininum order value, thus relieving you from the pressure of needless stock sitting idle in your warehouse. Instead we work with you to cater for your individual demands and are always interested in hearing about any new ideas you may have that could result in new products being sold from your trade counter.


Quality Service and Ongoing Marketing Support

We pride ourselves on our long term relationships. Quality and service are synonymous with the Monument brand - ask any of our stockists in the plumbing, heating and drainage industry. We take every opportunity to make regular visits and provide support to our plumbers merchants, builders merchants and retail outlets through bespoke marketing and promotional material such as personalised mailers and catalogues.


British Made, Controlled Quality

Since 1931, Monument Tools has blazed a trail of quality and practicality - the right plumbing and heating tools for every job. From our offices and factory in Surrey we are able to innovate, continuously improve our processes and maintain tight quality control in our owned manufacturing plant.


Increase in Revenue. A Profitable Partnership

Tool and Drain Cleaning Equipment DistributorWe want you to share in the growth of this industry. We believe that by stocking Monument products you stand to increase your potential for revenue immediately. By associating your retail outlet with a quality brand and product range, you will find that your profit per transaction will be higher than that generated by products of lower quality.

Quality and durability set the price. Your customers want the reassurance that they are using well-made tools which are manufactured to high standards.


Supportive, Flexible Terms to Help New Stockists

We want to hear from you. We believe that we can help you increase your revenue and share in our market. We have put together a package of flexible terms to support new stockists. Read through the experiences of our UK stockists and contact us - we will be delighted to have you join our growing network of merchants and retail stockists.

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